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Product Description

G.Loomis  NRX+ 1290-4 Saltwater fly rod

9’0″ 12-wt, 4-pc rod with aluminum case and cloth liner



  1. This is a physically light rod with explosive casting capability, but like the 11-weight, it’s happiest at distance.  Short casts will be tough because the rod doesn’t load and create line speed until the whole head is in the air and the caster applies a double haul.  It’s like a car that goes 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, but 60-120 mph in 4 seconds.  All of these heavier saltwater models possess the wonderful springy feel that makes Loomis rods so addictive.  They don’t “cast themselves,” however.  The caster needs a tuned sense of timing and a bit of physical strength to get the most out of this saltwater fly rod.  It casts a Rio Direct Core Tarpon line very well beyond 50 feet, but needs a Rio Outbound or other short, heavy-headed line to work in close.  On windy days, most tarpon shots come at less than 50 feet, so choose your fly line carefully.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 12wt NRX+ is very similar to both the 10 and 11 in the series, it is a powerful long distance saltwater rod. It doesn’t perform very well in close, but that’s not where this rod will be happiest. This is an open water cannon that will really shine with 50+ feet of line out. It is surprisingly light in hand and casts pretty smooth for a big game style fly rod. I would recommend this rod for the angler that prefers a power oriented 12 rather than a finesse style 12wt. I cast this with the Rio DirectCore Tarpon line and was pleased at how it casts at distance, a shorter, heavier headed line will perform better in close.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The NRX+ 1290 has power for days and despite its line weight is a pretty easy caster and much more castable rod than the original NRX. It is a little tight in close, but certainly workable. At distance the rod is wonderful and predictable. There is also a ton of strength in this blank for pulling on large fish. This rod could be a little much to handle casting all day to laid up tarpon, but certainly isn’t too much for short headed lines and big GT flies. Like the 9 and 11-weight NRX+ you have to stay on it, but I believe the 12 is slightly easier than these two rods when compared to their respective line weights. The NRX+ 1290-4 offers Loomis quality, strength and durability in a 12-weight that does not require a graduate degree in fly casting to operate.

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