Scott G 802-3 “Small Game”


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Product Description

Scott G 802-3 fly rod, custom “Small Game”

8’0″ 2-weight, 3-piece fly rod, provided with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

This custom Scott fly rod is our tribute to small stream fishing, wild trout, the mountains of Colorado and anglers everywhere who appreciate equipment that is scaled to their pursuit.  Built with original Scott G graphite, fitted with copper-anodized aluminum reel seat components over a cocobolo insert and dressed in unique thread wraps that reference the Scott G-Series, this one-of-a-kind rod is an expression of our deepest beliefs and greatest love as anglers of the Southern Rockies.

Fit the G 802-3 Small Game with an Abel TR 2/3 reel loaded with an SA Amplitude Trout Standard WF2F line for the finest small stream outfit you will ever fish.

The Specs
Scott G-Series 8’0″ 2-weight, 3-piece rod
Material:  Original Scott G-Series graphite
Reel seat:  Copper anodized aluminum uplock over cocobola
Grip:  Trout Western with finish cork
Stripping guide:  Titanium frame with zirconia insert
Snake guides:  Universal
Thread wraps:  Brown and dark brown with metallic copper trim
Case and line:  custom aluminum case with copper anodized top, partitioned cloth liner

Warranty:  Unconditional lifetime


  1. This is the finest graphite 2-weight I’ve ever fished. Rod Designer Jim Bartschi created this lovely rod from original Scott G graphite, which gives it extra mojo at short distance, but it’s also so light in the tip that it seems to magically transport your fly line to whatever desired distance. The components are stunning, the balance and cadence absolutely ideal, and the range is exactly what we hoped for in an all-purpose light line fly rod. Thanks for designing this special rod for us, Jim! In our opinion, the SA Amplitude Trout Standard line brings the very best out of the rod. The original SA Trout Taper feels a little lighter and quickens the casting rhythm. A double taper 2-weight line casts with predictable smoothness and control, but unless you have a strong preference, go with an SA Amp Trout Standard WF2.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Received the email announcement of this rod package while in a Houston airport eating shitty food: I stopped what I was doing, called Parker, and ordered one immediately…
    I missed the first TA shop rod (Three Riffles) several years ago, wasn’t going to make that mistake again. My wheelhouse is definitely creek fishing in tight spaces and risking tick infestation to get there so a graphite 2wt falls into the middle of my toolbox. Up to this point, I’ve been very pleased with short and light-line glass rods but this thing is something magical. I fished it all week long on the West Fork and caught a number of decent trout, 2 of which were absolute slammers coming clean out of the water on multiple occasions and pulling hard in the current. The Small Game rod absolutely shocked me with the range I was able to cast and the presentation of small to medium sized flys. Fantastic rod with the trademark feel of Scott’s G Series: stability, even and smooth loading, INCREDIBLE presentation and feel as the leader unfurls. This thing is going to retire my 723-4 glass rod; it is truly remarkable at a fraction of the swing weight. It even fights well! I hooked a couple of 16″ bows who were heavy-shouldered and strong, definitely the alphas of the pools, who weren’t gonna lay up and accept their fate. The Small Game bent well, protected the tippet, and I was able to turn their heads to keep them out of the rocks and deadfall they were headed towards. Did I mention it’s effing gorgeous? Yeah. That copper reel seat is unbelievable, as are the matching wraps. And of course, nothing feels or sounds like an Abel TR. The whole thing is magic and although you’re spending a bit, it’ll pay for itself emotionally within 3 casts. This combo IS the experience we all long for when we’re off the water. So satisfying when it exceeds our expectations ON the water. Bravo TA and Scott, and thank you!

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