Scott G Series 773-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 773-4  fly rod

7’7″ 3-weight, 4-piece rod

Scott 7’7″ 3-weights have long been the preference of dedicated small stream anglers.  This rod is quite simply Best in Class.  It feels sweeter and casts more accurately with less effort than any previous small stream graphite fly rod of our acquaintance.  The GS 773-4 is equipped with a slide band over cork reel seat.


  1. The GS 773-4 mirrors the 772-4 in every aspect of casting action. A quick stroke engages the tip perfectly for casts of 10-20 feet. I feel the short but sensitive rod respond to each additional foot of line that slides through the guides. In the mid-range, the rod flexes to the center with addictive elasticity, like pulling back on a rubber band. It flexes deeply at 30-40 feet, but snaps back on a true plane to the static position, creating terrific line speed, even though this is only a 3-weight.

    Line pairings: long front tapers generally don’t fish well on short fly rods. The Rio Gold, Rio Technical Trout, SA MPX Taper and SA Trout Taper are all good choices, but the Rio Trout Lt won’t load the rod until you have 30 feet or more in the air.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. You can tell when you cast them that the 773 and 772 are cut from the same cloth. The 773 liked the short stroke in close and threw lovely level loops from 10 to 20 feet off the tip. As you added more line to the cast the rod told you to wait just a little bit more on the backcast and had to stability and recovery to back it up. These G Series rods have a liveliness to them, especially in the shorter 7’7” and 8’4” lengths. This rod is unbelievably light in the hand and through the cast, but imparts the confidence to throw some line that many 3 weights don’t possess. A creek is where this rod will be most at home, but I wouldn’t be afraid of throwing some small poppers to bluegill with this rod either. Pair it with the SA Trout taper and enjoy.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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