Scott G Series 906-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 906-4  fly rod

9’0″ 6-weight, 4-piece rod

The Scott GS 906-4 is a superb nymphing 6-weight, capable of casting awkward nymph indicator rigs with ease.  It has plenty of backbone for playing heavy fish in big rivers like the Gunnison, but a sensitive tip that protects tippets magnificently.  It casts beautiful loops with dry flies, too, so anglers will have no hesitation in switching to a salmonfly or hopper.


  1. Moderate action 9’ 6-weights often feel heavy, hinged or wobbly. Continuing on theme for this series, the MS 906-4 swings with the ease of your favorite 4-weight, but has plenty of reserve for chucking sink tips, streamers and awkward nymph rigs. This rod proves that the easiest fly rod to cast with a strike indicator rig is one that flexes deeply enough to form a real casting loop with a short amount of line in the air. You’ll make fewer false casts with the GS 906-4 than with most classic fast action 6-weights. Faster is not always better. When choosing your nymphing line, stay away from those with an extra heavy head, such as the Rio Grand. Aggressive heads cast great on this rod, but overlining is not a benefit. Stick with more traditional tapers including the Rio Gold, Rio Technical Trout and SA MPX.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This rod was my other favorite along with the 904. I really liked the ratio between lightness and power. Distance was easy, very easy, and this rod was supremely stable with most of the fly line outside of the tip. Highly accurate and highly intuitive like the rest of the GS models, the GS 906 should be seriously considered as a Gunnison rod. I really like moderate 6 weights for Western trout fishing. I like the added weight of the line to carry large hoppers and stonefly droppers and to help out in the wind. I think the 6 weight line gives the angler an edge in these conditions by making it all easier. However, that 6 weight has to mend, roll cast, and fish in close like a 5 weight. The moderate action 6 weight has been overlooked by the industry and anglers at large in recent years, let me tell you, the GS 906 is a rod not to be overlooked. It could be the rod that changes how you think about the 6 weight line. The Rio Gold was my favorite line.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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