Scott G Series 772-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 772-4  fly rod

7’7″ 2-weight, 4-piece rod

Elegant, feather light and laser accurate, the GS 772-4 is the small stream angler’s ultimate dry fly rod.  This model is equipped with a slide band over cork reel seat.


  1. Somehow, the GS 772-4 feels even lighter than the G2 772-4. These short graphite rods are a real challenge for the rod designer, because there is less overall contact between the rod and fly line, and inherently diminished “feel.” The GS 772-4 is more finely tuned to its line. We can feel every inch flexing under the line’s weight. The GS 772-4 requires an extra short casting stroke at 10-15 feet. The rod feels much “tippier” than an equivalent F2 model, for comparision. A short stroke will turn over your leader beautifully, however, and as the caster works out a longer line, the rod feels wonderfully “springy” through the mid section. Any 2-weight fly line will pair nicely on this rod, but my favorite is the Rio Technical Trout.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. What a lovely casting little 2 weight. I tend to shy away from shorter graphite rods as I think they tend to feel a little clubby. This rod has changed my opinion. The GS 772 casts neatly off the tip in close with expected accuracy but much more feeling than I anticipated. The recovery speed of the rod is so precise that you think this is a faster rod until you get some line out. When you do, you are welcomed with a smooth, stable, sit back and let the line unroll joy ride. This is a smile on your face while casting kind of rod.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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