Scott G Series 775-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 775-4  fly rod

7’7″ 5-weight, 4-piece rod

The Scott GS 775-4 marks the return of short graphite 5-weights to the modern rod market.  Thirty years ago, Scott was famous for rods of this type, particularly popular among anglers of the Appalachian Mountains.  This is a fantastic rod for fishing larger dry flies on small streams.  It also casts a hopper-dropper like a dream.


  1. This rod is not as “progressive” as most others in the series. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t really load until it bends into the middle of the rod. It requires a little more line and casting power to develop a nice casting loop. The GS 775-4 has a stiffer tip (which makes the rod a little slower in casting action) than the 773-4 or 772-4. This is necessary to drive a heavier fly line, but also prevents the rod from casting well under 10-15 feet. Appalachian anglers will love the range. The GS 775-4 was designed to catch solid fish on medium sized and large flies on relatively small rivers. This is an East Coast game, and the GS 775-4 is definitely the right tool for the job.

    Lines: This rod casts terrific with short-headed lines. The SA MPX and Rio Gold are the best pairings among common weight forward lines. Titan tapers, 5-weight streamer lines and other “load and go” tapers will bring the best out of the GS 775-4.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is a rod for a very specific task: targeting large fish in small places with bigger flies. The GS 775 is a tunnel casting machine, capable of throwing a tight, accurate loop through rhododendron tunnels or inside of a house with ceiling fans. The rod loaded predictably in the middle of the blank once you had 15 feet outside of the tip. Unlike many shorter graphite rods of heavier line weights, the GS 775 had no tip bounce and did not feel overly stiff or require a heavier line to make it bend and load. This rod can handle the heavier lines without having the weight of the line fold the rod and collapse the loop. If you’re looking for a shorter 5 weight for pulling big, wild brown trout out of tight places, this is your rod. I went to college in Boone, NC and I can think of a few places where this specialized stick would come in handy. Rio Gold, Rio Perception, SA MPX, and the SA Trout are all on the menu for this rod.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. For me, this is a perfect spring creek rod — bends deep with the cast so you can feel the load with plenty of guts to handle tough conditions or bigger fish. I agree that the rod doesn’t perform until you’re in the 20ft and beyond range. But once you’re out of super-close range, it casts a beautiful loop. Sends a side-arm cast right where you want it, and I’ve roll casted all day long with this stick, just because it performs this task so well. The 5-weight helps you hold your own during windy days and can chuck a triple rig (dry-nymph-nymph) without breaking a sweat, but it can also land 18-22 dries as light as a feather. Just an amazing all-around stick that folks in the Driftless, Michigan, and the Blue Ridge are going to love.

    David Jones
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