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For the Holidays and Beyond

Telluride Angler’s Top 10 New Products for 2020

1.  Scott Sector Rods


These remarkable saltwater fly rods have set the new standard against which all others are measured.  A Scott Sector will improve your saltwater game, whether you’re fishing an 8-weight for bonefish, an 11-weight for tarpon, or any of the other rod in this unmatched rod series.  In addition to the timeless 9′ 4-piece rods, there are several special models in this series that represent an unusual opportunity for the angler, including an 8’4″ 8-weight, 8’4″ 10-weight, 8’4″ 13-weight and a full lineup of 8′ 10″ 2-piece rods that cast just as well as their 4-piece cousins.  Telluride Angler will stock every model of Scott Sector at all times.

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2.  Sage Trout LL Rods

Trout LL Video Banner 2

If you ever loved a Sage fly rod, the new Trout LL Series will light the candle.  Stunning in hand, the Trout LL is an eloquent salute to the original Sage Light Line, one of the rods that fundamentally put Sage on the map.  The Trout LL is so superior to any previous moderate action Sage fly rod that it’s hard to dwell on appearance.  Magnificently intuitive, the Trout LL casts with equal grace at all distances, from fly-in-hand to 75+ feet.  Every model in the series has this capability.  Accuracy, touch and loop control are unsurpassed in these elegant casters.  Put one in your quiver!

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3.  New Fly Lines From SA and Rio

Rio DirectCore Saltwater Lines

Every once in awhile, a fly line comes along that makes every fly rod feel better.  Rio offers three versions of this line, each one of which is best in class.

Rio DirectCore BonefishDirect Core Bonefish:  The DirC Bonefish offers superior presentation for bonefish, permit and other sight fishing quarry.  It casts more like a trout line with superior loop control and placement of the fly.  Every angler will find this line easy to cast.  It’s very well balanced, unlike many heavy-headed saltwater lines that require practice to master the timing for each cast.

Rio DirectCore Permit:  The DC Permit Taper has a longer head than the Tarpon line, providing more mass for carrying a heavy fly while allowing the caster to stay in touch with the fly line a little longer on the presentation.  Permit anglers will love this line on their 9 and 10-weight rods.

Rio DirectCore Tarpon:  This line balances the need for a quick, controlled shot with the capability of going deep when necessary.  It’s our new favorite tarpon line, hands down.

Rio Technical Trout Line

Designed to cast on Sage Trout LL rods, the Rio Technical Trout is a wonderful all-around trout rod that is also the very best match on several other fly rods, including the Winston Alpha +.  The Technical Trout Line is available in the original and InTouch version.

Amplitude Infinity SaltwaterScientific Anglers Infinity Saltwater Lines

Amplitude Infinity Saltwater (multi textured for maximum shooting distance)

Amplitude Smooth Infinity Saltwater  (Infinity taper with AST Plus slickness additive, but without texture)

The long head length, about 50′ including rear taper, allows the angler to stay connected to the cast for superior loop control and presentation.  They cast quite similar to the Rio Direct Core saltwater lines, so both companies now offer a presentation-oriented saltwater line that still shoots over the horizon.

4.  Ross San Miguel Reel

San Miguel Reel And Brown TroutFor 2020, the return of a legend.  Regarded by many as the most beautiful trout reel ever designed, the Ross San Miguel left a hole in our hearts when it departed in 2002.  Behold the 2020 Ross San Miguel.  We’ve been fishing the new model through the fall months on the namesake river.  It’s stunning.  The polished solid frame makes your hands shake before you even fasten it to the rod.  The free action spool and subtle outbound purr are signatures of the original.  Ross nailed every detail:  porting pattern, drag knob, counterbalance, new spool release knob and black phenolic handle.  The new large arbor spool is great on the water and gives the reel a mesmerizing allure when viewed from the front.  Welcome back, San Miguel.


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Runner Up: Abel Vaya Reels

Vaya Reel Product ImageIn October, Abel introduced the Vaya, a superb fishing tool with a more accessible price tag than their industry leading top-shelf reels.  The Vaya offers an excellent opportunity to own your first Abel, or to own an Abel with the exquisite fish graphics and custom colors that have become synonymous with this brand.  We’re proud of our hometown heros Ross and Abel, located just 65 miles up the road in Montrose, CO.


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5.  Fishpond Riverbed Camo Thunderhead Submersibles

Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel River CamoPopular Fishpond Thunderhead Submersibles are now available in woodsy “Riverbed Camo.”  Choose from the lineup:

Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack

Thunderhead Submersible Duffel, large (pictured, right)

Thunderhead Submersible Sling

River Rat 2.0 (ok, it’s not a submersible, but your beer deserves camo, too)


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6.  G.Loomis NRX+ Rods


Loomis is a patient, deliberate and thorough rod maker.  Their new products represent true innovation.  Every model is purposeful and highly refined.  The outstanding new NRX+ rods began arriving in late October.  We are so impressed with both the quality and scope of this series, from 10′ trout rods to the high speed saltwater models to the new NRX+ 590-4 LP, another classic in the mold of the original.  Telluride Angler will stock all models of the NRX+.  Order yours today!

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7.  Simms 2020 G4 Waders and Boots

G4 Zippered WaderAvailable in the standard model or with a front zipper, the 2020 Simms G4 Wader is made from a new GoreTex fabric that saves a half pound in weight and offers an intrinsically more natural feel in fit and wear.  A new suspender system is more breathable and comfortable and the waders come with Simms’ new Sharkfin Hemostat Buckle.  The biggest improvement comes in the bootie feet, now compression molded with anatomically placed padding for superior comfort and fit when condensed under tightening boot laces.  A lot of innovation went into 2020 G4 waders!  [G4 Pro Waders]  [G4Z Pro Waders]

The corresponding G4 Pro boot is a new design featuring a dual density sole to optimize comfort in the mid foot and wading control in the foot box.  Lightweight abrasion-resistant materials surround the foot while 3D molded toe and heel protectors ensure comfort and protection through long days on the river.  The G4 Pro Boot comes with either a Vibram or Felt Sole, the Vibram version of which has reinforced pre-drilled receivers for Simms Star Cleat screws.  This is the best all-around wading boot Simms has ever designed.  That says it all.  [G4 Pro Boot]


River Salt (Danner)8. Patagonia/Danner River Salt and Foot Tractor Boots

Introduced in Spring 2019, these boots still deserve ” Best New Product” status for 2020.  In spite of their price, anglers are switching because the Danner boots are more comfortable, much more durable and manufactured in the only footwear facility in the world deemed eco-friendly by the Patagonia company.  Find out why Patagonia’s Danner boot collaboration has changed the wading boot market.

The River Salt model is lightweight, flexible and built for all-around comfort, especially for anglers who cover a lot of miles when they fish.

The Foot Tractor offers greatest ankle support, foot protection and durability, designed for anglers who fish in rough environments with aggressive wading where staying on your feet is imperative.

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9.  Winston Alpha+ Rods

Alpha Plus 8 Wt FbSuper light, built for speed, but still green as they could be, the new Winston Alpha+ is an impressive group of fly rods.  They are both lighter and more powerful than their BIII+ predecessors, but possess more of that addictive “Winston feel.”  How can a rod offer so much power and feel at the same time?  Find out with a Winston Alpha+, whether you need a trout streamer rod or a new weapon for the flats.  Consult Telluride Angler for model reviews and line pairing suggestions!


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10.  Patagonia Early Rise Shirts and Fish-Centric Tough Puffs

Check them out in our store!  The Patagonia Tough Puff is now tailored more to the angler with a tool tab and fish moniker.  The Tough Puff offers the same breathable, stretchable insulation found in Patagonia’s iconic Nano Air Jacket.  Our shop staff wear these four seasons in Telluride.

We also particularly like the new Patagonia Early Riser snap shirts.  Nothing could be more comfortable.  They look terrific, too.  No need to apologize for dressing like a fisherman.

Check out these styles, plus all the new flannel and fleece wear from Simms, Howler and Patagonia at Telluride Angler.

Early Riser Shirt

Tough Puff








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