Ultimate Outfits

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If you want the best right out of the box, look no further.  We consider these to be the ultimate equipment packages for each type of fly fishing.


ScottCentricAll Purpose Trout

Scott Centric 905-4 (9′ 5-weight rod, 4-piece)
Abel SDF 4/5 reel, black-red fade with red aluminum handle
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Taper line


Remarks:  The Scott Centric 905-4 is among the finest fast action fly rods ever designed.  A powerful rod in the hands of any angler, the Centric possesses exquisite touch and responsiveness, unusual characteristics in a fast action trout rod.  Paired with an Abel SDF 4/5, you’ll have 5-weight outfit for the ages.  The SA Infinity taper is a versatile freshwater line that taps the spectacular casting qualities of the Centric.

Sager86evorSage R8 Core 690-4 (9′ 6-weight rod, 4-piece)
Ross Evolution R 5/6 reel
Rio Elite Gold WF6 line


Remarks:  This remarkable 6-weight can do everything on the water.  It has plenty of command for streamer fishing and also possesses the finesse required for advanced line management technique when nymphing and even delicate dry fly fishing, if called upon.  Pair it with a Ross Evo R and a Rio Gold for an outfit you’ll hand down to your favorite child.

Winston Air 2 9′ 5-wt (9′ 5-weight rod, 4-piece)Winston
Abel SDF 4/5 reel, native rainbow
Rio Elite Technical Trout WF5F line


Remarks:  Frontrunner for “product of the year” in 2021, the Winston Air 2 9′ 5-wt could someday be known as the finest individual fly rod ever made by that storied company.  Outstanding in all areas of performance, the touch and feel of this rod are on a different plane from other fast action fly rods.  Match with an Abel SDF in the rainbow trout graphic for an outfit that will never be outclassed.

Scott GS 884-4Scottgsm (8’8″ 4-weight rod, 4-piece)
Ross San Miguel 3/4 reel
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper line


Remarks:  The G 884-4 is Telluride Angler’s all-time best selling trout rod.  It has a lighter touch than either of the above 5-weights, but still versatile enough to be a primary trout rod for anglers who fish slightly smaller water, as we do here in Telluride.  The Ross San Miguel makes this a home grown outfit unsurpassed and truly beyond superlatives.

Trout Dry Fly Special

Winston Tom Morgan FavoriteTmf (8′ 4-weight, 2-piece rod, slow action)
Abel TR 2/3 reel, Native Cutthroat graphics
Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Taper WF4F line


Remarks:  Legendary fly rods evoke an emotional response from the angler, none more so than Winston’s TMF, the fly rod that defined a company for decades.  Paired with an Abel heirloom, we have something truly special.

Mid-Priced Trout

MidtroutimxG.Loomis IMX Pro V2 590-4 (9′ 5-weight rod, 4-piece)
Lamson Guru S 5+ reel
SA Mastery Infinity WF5F line


When we talk “bang for your buck” in trout fishing, this fly rod and reel are the epitome.  You could fish these for decades without realizing you had saved some serious money while enjoying the performance of a medium-fast 5-weight that casts with the finest rods on the market and excels in all of those on-the-water techniques that elevate certain rods above the rest, including roll casting, line mending and protecting delicate tippet.  Even more importantly, the IMX Pro V2 is a fly rod that helps its user become a better angler and supports the development of all-water techniques.  The Lamson Guru S is probably the all-time winner for performance and durability in a sub-$400 fly reel, checking all the boxes for design and quality craftsmanship that we expect in the very best fly tackle.

Small Stream Outfits

Scott “Small Game” G 802-3Small Game Reduced (8’0″ 2-weight graphite rod, 3-piece)
Abel TR 2/3 reel, dark brown with Wilson Peak engraving
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Standard WF2F line


Remarks:  Most beloved outfit in our fly shop, Telluride Angler’s “Small Game” combo features a custom-designed Scott G-Series 8′ 2-weight, 3-pc rod with an Abel TR 2/3 in dark brown with Wilson Peak, headwaters of both the San Miguel and Dolores, engraved on the frame.  This is our tribute to wild trout, cold water, backcountry fishing and all those whose spirit is elevated by places such as the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Sage Dart 376-3Dartclick (7’6″ 3-weight graphite rod, 3-piece)
Sage Click Reel 3/4/5
Rio Creek WF3F line


Remarks:  Sage’s clever Dart/Creek line combination illustrates how specific fly lines can bring a fly rod to life.  This rod, reel and line were made for each other, offering an exquisite kit for an old fashioned form of the sport:  creek fishing.

Scott F 622-4Scottfrossco (6’2″ 2-weight fiberglass rod, 4-piece)
Ross Colorado 2/3 reel
Scientific Anglers DT2F line


Remarks:  Surprising no one, Telluride Angler considers a Scott Fibertouch and Ross Colorado to be required material for anyone who loves the high country and small stream fishing.  Half of our guides own this exact outfit.


Centric7strScott Centric 907-4 (9′ 7-weight rod, 4-piece)
Ross Evolution R 7/8
Rio Elite Predator F/H/I


A perennial favorite in the freshwater 7-weight category, the Scott Centric is noted for physical lightness and ease of casting, which makes it particularly well suited for throwing streamers all day.  The Ross Evo R 7/8 is a suitably light, tough and handsome companion, a house favorite that represents the ideal balance of performance and durability.  The Rio Elite Predator casts marvelously on the Centric and has enough head mass to fish articulated streamers and coneheads.

Euro Nymph

EsnSage ESN 3106-4 (10’6″ 3-weight rod, 4-piece)
Sage ESN Reel
Rio FIPS Euro Nymph line


Remarks:  Every angler should own a Euro nymphing kit.  Initially popularized by its shocking effectiveness, Euro nymphing continues to gain popularity for a reason that is even more important:  it’s one of the most fun things you can do with a fly rod.  By a longshot, the finest Euro outfit available is the Sage ESN rod and reel.


RedfishwinstonhatchWinston Air 2 Max 9′ 7-weight, 4-piece rod
Hatch Iconic 5+ reel, mid arbor, black/silver
Rio Premier Redfish WF7F line


The 9′ 7-weight might be the best rod in the whole Air 2 Max series and ideal for redfish because it’s really more like a 7 1/2-weight.  It possesses striking lightness in hand but is high powered for a 7-weight, with the butt section authority you would expect from an 8 or 9-weight.  Hang a Ross Evo R Salt with our favorite redfish line on this and head to the flats.


Scott Sector 908-4Sector8hat (9′ 8-weight rod, 4-piece)
Hatch Iconic 7+ large arbor reel
Rio Elite Bonefish WF8F line


Remarks:  Winner of IFTDs “Best of Show 2019,” the Scott Sector is rapidly becoming known as the finest saltwater fly rod ever designed.  Choose an 8-weight for maximum versatility.  A Hatch Iconic 7+ is a match made in heaven, particularly in the “clear/blue” color,  but Abel and Tibor also offer compelling choices.  Make sure to try the Rio Elite Bonefish line on this rod (or any other rod, for that matter).  Stand alone, this is our favorite floating line for the flats.

Saltr8Sage Salt R8 890-4 (9′ 8-weight rod, 4-piece)
Sage Enforcer 7/8 reel, Tempest Blue
Rio Elite Bonefish WF8F


In our opinion, this is the finest Sage 8-weight of all time, which is really saying something.  This rod is a dandy, ideally suited for bonefish, redfish, schoolie stripers and even permit.  We combine it with a Sage Enforcer reel in Tempest Blue, which complements the rod magnificently, and a Rio Elite Bonefish, which loads the Salt R8 intuitively and casts with a refined combination of power and finesse.


PermitloomisrossG.Loomis NRX+ 990-4 (9’0″ 9-weight, 4-piece rod)
Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10 reel, platinum
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Plus WF9F line


For the pursuit of permit, with its complicit requirement for precision and reliability, we recommend two of the most proven pieces of equipment in saltwater fly fishing, the G.Loomis NRX+ 990-4 and Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10.


SectortarponScott Sector 9011-4 (9′ 11-weight rod, 4-piece)
Abel SDS 11/12, ported, tarpon graphics
SA Amplitude Tarpon WF11F


The Scott Sector tops our list for casting prowess, ease and versatility among tarpon rods.  We have a strong preference for the SA Amplitude Tarpon taper, too, and together they cast at a world class level.  In tarpon fishing, there is every reason to spend what it takes to fish a reel with the design pedigree and performance track record of the Abel SDS.  …and oh boy, does it look amazing on this fly rod.

Giant Trevally

AsqhatgtG.Loomis Asquith 1290-4 (9′ 12-weight rod, 4-piece)
Hatch Iconic 11+ reel
Rio Elite GT WF12 line


Giant trevally is the ultimate no messing around species.  They move with the greatest speed of any flats predator, take the fly violently and fight with complete abandon.  The Loomis Asquith stands alone among 12-weight fly rods.  It is the strongest caster in the hands of almost any angler and has an unassailable track record for durability.  We trust the Hatch Iconic 11+ for GTs, too, because it is anything but delicate.  This is hardcore tackle for fishing on the periphery of our watery world.

Steelhead & Salmon

G.Loomis NRX+ 7100-4Nrxabelanadro (10′ 7-weight rod, 4-piece)
Abel SDS 7/8 reel
Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead WF7F line


Remarks:  Perhaps the ultimate single-handed steelhead rod, the NRX+ 7100-4 has magic wand lightness for all day casting on rivers of grand scale.  Paired with an Abel SDS 7/8, we have the ultimate salmon and steelhead outfit.