Ultimate Outfits


If you want the best right out of the box, look no further.  We consider these to be the ultimate equipment packages for each type of fly fishing.


All Purpose Trout

Radian And HatchScott Radian 905-4 (9′ 5-weight rod, 4-piece)
Hatch Finatic 4+ reel, black with custom orange engraving
Rio InTouch Gold WF5F line

Remarks:  A power-oriented trout combo for western-style fishing, the Radian 905-4 and Hatch Finatic 4+ in custom black/orange is among the most stunning rod and reel combinations of all time.  In the “fast action trout” category, the Radian 905-4 is a living legend.  Honestly, every angler should own one.


Sage Trout LL Sage Trout Reel Tech Trout LineSage Trout LL 590-4 (9′ 5-weight rod, 4-piece)
Sage Trout Reel 4/5/6
Rio Technical Trout WF5F line

Remarks:  At home in any trout fishing environment, the Sage Trout LL 590-4 has a more relaxed character than the Radian 905-4.  Choose this all-purpose trout outfit for the angler who fishes primarily on foot or simply prefers moderate action trout rods.  Sage’s retro/modern Trout Reel is a refined and sneaky complement to this fine rod.


GSeries And Ross San MiguelScott GS 884-4 (8’8″ 4-weight rod, 4-piece)
Ross San Miguel 3/4 reel
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper line

Remarks:  The G 884-4 is Telluride Angler’s all-time best selling trout rod.  It has a lighter touch than either of the above 5-weights, but still versatile enough to be a primary trout rod for anglers who fish slightly smaller water, as we do here in Telluride.  The Ross San Miguel makes this a home grown outfit unsurpassed and truly beyond superlatives.

Trout Dry Fly Special

WinstonTMFAbelTrMastery2Winston Tom Morgan Favorite (8′ 4-weight, 2-piece rod, slow action)
Abel TR 2/3 reel, Native Cutthroat graphics
Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Taper WF4F line

Remarks:  Legendary fly rods evoke an emotional response from the angler, none more so than Winston’s TMF, the fly rod that defined a company for decades.  Paired with an Abel heirloom, we have something truly special.

Small Stream Outfits

SageDartSageClickRio4Sage Dart 376-3 (7’6″ 3-weight graphite rod, 3-piece)
Sage Click Reel 3/4/5
Rio Creek WF3F line

Remarks:  Sage’s clever Dart/Creek line combination illustrates how specific fly lines can bring a fly rod to life.  This rod, reel and line were made for each other, offering an exquisite kit for an old fashioned form of the sport:  creek fishing.


ScottFSeriesColoratoLTMasteryScott F 662-4 (6’2″ 2-weight fiberglass rod, 4-piece)
Ross Colorado LT 0/3 reel
Scientific Anglers DT2F line

Remarks:  Surprising no one, Telluride Angler considers a Scott Fibertouch and Ross Colorado LT to be required material for anyone who loves the high country and small stream fishing.  Half of our guides own this exact outfit.


ScottSectorNautilusNVGRio5Scott Sector 908-4 (9′ 8-weight rod, 4-piece)
Nautilus NVG 7/8 reel
Rio Direct Core Bonefish WF8F line

Winner of IFTDs “Best of Show 2019,” the Scott Sector is rapidly becoming known as the finest saltwater fly rod ever designed.  Choose an 8-weight for maximum versatility.  A Nautilus NVG is our favorite reel to hang on the rod, but Abel, Tibor and Hatch also offer compelling choices.  Make sure to try the Rio DC Bonefish line on this rod (or any other rod, for that matter).  Stand alone, this is our favorite floating line for the flats.

Steelhead & Salmon

GloomisNRXAbelSDSG.Loomis NRX+ 7100-4 (10′ 7-weight rod, 4-piece)
Abel SDS 7/8 reel
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro WF7F line

Remarks:  Perhaps the ultimate single-handed steelhead rod, the NRX+ 7100-4 has magic wand lightness for all day casting on rivers of grand scale.  Paired with an Abel SDS 7/8, we have the ultimate salmon and steelhead outfit.